Los Angeles & Beverly Hills Braces Treatment

Are you looking for the best provider of braces Beverly Hills has available? Dr. Solomon is the proud holder of America's Best Dentist award for 2020 and she has been working to help teenagers and adults achieve the best versions possible of their smiles!

As an orthodontist, she can help you work on your teeth and jaw alignment with a set of braces.

As with other orthodontic appliances, traditional metal braces and clear ceramic braces apply force over your teeth to correctly align them and achieve an appropriate relationship between your jaws. Brackets, archwires, and ligatures work in conjunction to perform simultaneous movements and safely reposition your dental structures.


Why You Might Need a Beverly Hills Braces Provider

Orthodontic treatment helps solve problems with your teeth and jaw alignment. More often than not, these dental alignment conditions are the result of your genetic makeup; however, some accidents and medical conditions can also lead to orthodontic problems.

As dental alignment professionals, we focus on providing patients with non-surgical solutions to their orthodontic problems.

At any rate, if you have problems with your teeth and jaw alignment, you should ask Dr. Solomon to help you start wearing a set of dental braces. Check below if you have any of the most common orthodontic problems.

In most cases, you can use a set of braces to treat those problems and get a beautiful and healthy smile!


Jaw Malocclusions

Overbite. Try to bite down until your corresponding upper and lower molars touch each other. Are your front lower teeth hidden by the upper ones? You might have an overbite.

Underbite. This is the opposite case from before. When you bite down, your bottom front teeth sit in front of the upper ones.

Crossbite. Such a condition refers to an alignment problem where your upper teeth sit on the inside of your lower teeth.


Interdental Spacing

Diastema or Gap Teeth. It's possible that your permanent teeth erupted leaving too much space in-between. It's common to see this problem in a patient's upper front teeth.

Teeth Crowding. When there's insufficient space in your mouth, your permanent teeth might have trouble erupting and bunch-up, making it harder to maintain good oral hygiene.

Your Beverly Hills Metal Braces Provider

Do you want a reliable, time-tested, and efficient appliance? Consider getting in touch with our team for a set of metal braces. These appliances leverage the strength of medical-grade stainless steel to give patients the smiles they deserve!

Don't worry about people noticing your braces when you smile; take advantage of it!

You can customize your braces with colorful ligatures and enjoy the most affordable and durable option for your orthodontic treatment!!


Find Your Beverly Hills Ceramic Braces Here!

Are you looking for a more discreet option? Ceramic braces provide you with all the advantages you get from traditional braces designs and an added benefit: the parts blend with your natural tooth color!

We leverage ceramic composites first developed for space exploration to provide you with a discreet solution to your dental alignment complications. Brackets and wires go unnoticed and you can continue your treatment without raising any eyebrows.

Talk to us and get your set of ceramic braces now!