Beverly Hills Teen Invisalign® Treatment


The Clear Alternative to Braces. Most teenagers nowadays do not want the “metal mouth” look and prefer, like Dr Solomon, the Invisalign® option for a number of reasons:

  • So much more comfortable
  • So much more esthetic. You can smile confidently even while being in orthodontic treatment (no need to worry about photoshoots, prom, graduation pictures…)
  • So much more hygienic (simply take them out to brush and floss your teeth freely)
  • No more emergency appointments (no more poking wire in the cheeks, or broken brackets)
  • You can eat virtually anything you want (popcorn, all the crunchy and sticky foods that were not allowed during traditional orthodontic treatment)
  • Faster treatment due to customization and quicker reactivation (weekly reactivation typically)
  • Growth Modification with Mandibular Advancement option for orthopedic changes if the lower jaw is too far back for example
  • They don’t get in the way of any extracurricular activities like basketball, football practice, clarinet, swimming… Life’s awesome!!


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Clear Alternative to Braces. Most teenagers nowadays do not want the “metal mouth” look and prefer, like Dr. Solomon, the Invisalign® option.
The length of orthodontic treatment with Invisalign Teen can vary depending on each patient's individual smile needs. Your Orthodontist is your best friend when it comes to estimating your specific length of treatment and total cost.
Invisalign clear aligners are great for teenagers! It offers most of the benefits they'd get with traditional braces with the added advantages of being discreet and removable appliances. You should still consult with an orthodontist to ensure they are viable candidates. Some severe cases of dental malalignment cannot be solved with Invisalign alone.
Invisalign can be a bit pricier than other orthodontic appliances. The average cost ranges between $3,000 and $7,000. The final cost will depend on your teenager's case, and you can always check how much can be covered by your insurance and ask about our payment plans.
Since Invisalign clear aligners are removable, there are no food restrictions throughout treatment. However, aligners must be kept in place for most of the day or as instructed by your Orthodontist.
If your child loses their current aligner, there are two options. They can revert to the aligners worn right before the ones lost, or they can use the Invisalign braces that are next in line for your treatment. In general, it's often wise to go back to your previous set of aligners to prevent your teeth from drifting out of alignment.
When wearing Invisalign, it’s important that your teen removes them before they eat anything and that they rinse them thoroughly each time they are removed. This will wash out any bacteria, saliva, or food particles, helping prevent plaque build-up. Also, your teens should remember to brush and floss before putting in their aligners.
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