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Orthodontist in Beverly Hills, Westwood, Brentwood, Century City, West Hollywood, West Los Angeles

Smile Health Orthodontics is the exclusive clinic you’ve been dreaming of where the most personalized dental care is delivered to you and your family members in an exceptional way in the heart of Beverly Hills. Founder orthodontist Dr. Deborah Solomon helps save you time and blocks out her schedule to focus on you. She performs all the necessary procedures herself to ensure you get the best quality treatment. She excels in virtually invisible high quality orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Solomon also offers full concierge orthodontic care delivered to you in the comfort of your home, hotel or office, which includes on-demand accessibility with house calls and virtual appointments.


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We invite you to schedule a full complimentary initial orthodontic consultation.
Orthodontics for Beverly Hills, Westwood, Brentwood, Century City, West Hollywood, West Los Angeles
Clear aligner treatment in Beverly Hills or remote service in your own home.

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Dr. Solomon’s mission is to provide the finest orthodontic treatment to her patients and build lifelong relationships.
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100% Customized Treatment

Speak to Dr. Solomon about your full mouth treatment goals and expectations and find out if orthodontic treatment is right for you and your loved ones. Get a glimpse of your treatment results before you even get started. Ask us about our other technologies such as 3D Itero scanner, Dental Monitoring app, Propel VPro+ treatment accelerator.
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At-Home Smile Transformation

Enjoy enhancing your smile without ever leaving the comfort of your home with the exclusive concierge orthodontic provider in the area.
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Orthodontist in Beverly Hills, Westwood, Brentwood, Century City, West Hollywood, West Los Angeles


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✨☺️ Who knew that confidence was only a couple of Clear Trays away!

With #Invisalign you’ll achieve the smile of your dreams ✨
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👩🏻‍⚕️: Deborah Solomon DDS

Happy Patient on her @brius journey!!! Amazing progress with @elizabethrudyy in just a few months! ✨🤍

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MYTHS about #Braces and #Orthodontics with Doctor Deborah Solomon ‼️🥰

Question #1:
If you have ‘ALIGNMENT’ Issues, #BRACES are your only Solution?

Answer #1:
False • It depends but 90% of the time clear aligners with your beloved orthodontist will get you same if not better results! Only trust a passionate board certified orthodontist with your smile!

Question #2:
Braces only work if they HURT?

Answer #2:
False • It depends but if you see your orthodontist regularly and follow the recommendations, chances are progress is happening even if you can’t feel it.

Question #3:
Having any amount of ‘OVER BITE’ is BAD?

Answer #3:
False • You’re supposed to ideally have 1-2mm overbite.

Question #4:
Braces create a ‘PERMANENT RESULT’!

Answer #4:
False • You need to wear your retainers to maintain your teeth alignment and visit the orthodontist every year to check on your teeth.

Question #5:
Braces need to be changed constantly?

Answer #5:
False • It depends on what is being corrected at the time. Sometimes it takes more than 1-2 months for a specific tooth movement to happen so archwires may not need to be changed.

Question #6:
If Braces aren’t ‘TIGHT’ they don’t work?

Answer #6:
False • Tooth movement happens beautifully with gentle force and hence you may not necessarily feel tightness. Just make sure to see your orthodontist regularly.
✨: Smile Health Orthodontics
🌴: Beverly Hills, Ca
📱: 310.926.6220
👩🏻‍⚕️: Deborah Solomon DDS

Dr Deborah Solomon is an ABO Board Certified Orthodontist. She is the perfectionist that pays close attention to detail for your Smile and is trusted by thousands of patients.

Dr Solomon will make your Orthodontic Journey fun and is available for ALL AGES*‼️♥️😃 (*starting around age 7 though, you can still bring your babies but we will just play 🙈🐰🐣🚒)
✨: Smile Health Orthodontics
🌴: Beverly Hills, Ca
📱: 310.926.6220
👩🏻‍⚕️: Deborah Solomon DDS


Frequently Asked Questions

According to The American Academy of Orthodontics (AAO), orthodontia is an area of dentistry that prevents, diagnoses, and treats dental and facial irregularities.
An orthodontist is a medical professional trained to diagnose, prevent, and treat teeth and jaw irregularities. They correct existing conditions and have the necessary training to identify problems that may develop in the future. Orthodontists work with people of all ages, from children to adults.
Braces are devices used in orthodontics that align and straighten teeth and help position them concerning a person's bite while improving dental health.
You may need to wear braces for months or several years, depending on your treatment needs.Always consult and follow your orthodontist's instructions for best results.
We recommend that young patients visit an orthodontist by age 7. However, most patients start orthodontic treatment during their teenage years. As long as there is overall good oral health, it's never too late for adults to start treatment.
The cost of orthodontic treatment varies depending on many factors. Some factors include the type of braces chosen for treatment and the severity of each patient's dental issues.
To schedule an appointment with Dr. Solomon at Smile Health Orthodontics, you can call 310.873.6340 or book online here:
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