Aug 17, 2022

How Can You Benefit from At-Home Orthodontics?

One of the hard-to-swallow pills about orthodontic treatment is related to visiting the office frequently for adjustments and your initial visit where you figure out what treatment you require. Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to do all of that initial work from a more comfortable setting? At-home orthodontics might be ideal for you.

How Can You Benefit from At-Home Orthodontics?

We offer a convenient concierge orthodontics service for those whose circumstances call for specialized and personalized care in a familiar setting. Perhaps it’s because of privacy, or maybe it’s about a child who has had a negative experience visiting an orthodontist’s office in the past. With Dr. Solomon’s in-house dental care, all those concerns will be a matter of the past.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), more and more adults are looking for orthodontic treatment because of all the tools and convenient treatments at their disposal.

Join us in a brief discussion of how this service might be ideal for you and what goes on during these visits.

What Is At-Home Orthodontics?

This service refers to the initial and follow-up consultations you need to have with an orthodontist during your treatment but in a familiar setting such as your home or an office.

Here at Smile Health Orthodontics, Dr. Solomon and her team are willing to go the extra mile to accommodate patients’ special requirements and perform these consultations at your home.

We will drive up to your desired location within a 30-mile radius of our main location in Beverly Hills and begin your treatment there. Fortunately, we have everything we require to perform your treatment. All we need is access to a power outlet so we can power up equipment such as a 3D scanner.

You can expect the same level of care, minus the awesome chair we have in our office, in the comfort of your house.

What’s So Good About Concierge Orthodontics?

We’ll focus on two major advantages. First, your privacy; second, working in a safe environment.

Discreet Treatment

Many of our patients love sharing all their progress on social media; however, we know such is not necessarily the case with everyone. Other people would rather have a more discreet experience.

If you are interested in keeping things as discreet as possible, then having the team visit your home will ensure everything is as under-wraps as possible.

Many patients base their choice of orthodontic treatment on the level of discreetness of the appliance. This is a trademark in various options we offer, giving you ample choice between Spark aligners, Invisalign, and the innovative Brius lingual braces.

Adults of all ages and various teenagers will jump straight into these options because they want to avoid prying eyes and have a near-invisible appliance doing all the work they require for that beautiful and well-aligned smile. You can go one step further and have all the work done in the comfort of your house; all you have to do is get in touch with us for an in-house dental care appointment.

We can take our 3D scanner to make a model of your mouth, and you can forget about the annoying and antiquated impressions that felt like someone was ripping out all your teeth at once

We’ll create the model of your mouth and use software to project what your treatment will look like. We have to send that information to the lab, and you’ll be able to collect your Invisalign trays without much more complications.

Best for Kids

Parents also have a lot to love about at-home orthodontics. Some of our colleagues’ offices leverage a special design that makes children feel safe and at ease during a consultation.

But do you know what’s a familiar setting that makes children feel at home?

Their own home.

Yup. Scheduling a consultation in your home can help children overcome their fear of the orthodontist; furthermore, our team has additional training in pediatrics and will know exactly how to treat your child, so they are at ease during the required treatment.

We have had several positive experiences with kids who would never go to another orthodontist’s office after an accident but who felt eager to repeat their experience with us in the comfort of their home.

Invisalign At Home

We briefly touched on it, but you can get several innovative appliances from the comfort of your home. We can get started with the process of making and providing you with clear aligners.

Many come to our office requesting Invisalign aligners. Granted, you’ll have to undergo an initial consultation to ensure you are a viable candidate. By the way, were you wondering if Invisalign clear aligners for adults was a good idea? They generally are.

There are a few limitations to this treatment option, but, most likely, you’ll be able to start treatment with Invisalign without any complications. Just remember that even though there’s a lot of comfort and ease of use with this option, you still have to follow professional directions and recommendations. According to the official Invisalign FAQ, you’ll have to wear your trays for 20-22 hours every day to maintain treatment efficiency.

Likewise, some patients prefer another brand of clear aligners. Call us and ask about Spark aligners and how they can be a lifesaver for people looking for discreet treatment. We might even recommend you eat with your aligners on, as the chewing motion helps the trays settle in just right and move your teeth more efficiently.

If you want cutting-edge, you won’t want to miss Brius lingual aligners. These are lingual braces, meaning they remain bonded in the back of your teeth; the lingual surface of your teeth is the one facing your tongue, so anything that’s installed on this surface will remain hidden from other people.

They work with an arm-based system, so each tooth receives the exact amount of force they require, and your treatment can be even 50% faster than with other appliances.

Find a Provider of Concierge Orthodontics

Dr. Solomon likes doing as much as possible to help her community with better dental care and ensure her patients receive the highest quality treatment available. If you’re looking for the best orthodontist Beverly Hills has to offer, you’re in luck.

Here at Smile Health Orthodontics, we put our patients first, and we can help you start your journey towards a perfect and beautiful smile from the comfort of your home.

Give us a call or schedule an appointment for more information.