Nov 29, 2022

How Do You Speed up the Process of Your Braces With Accelerated Orthodontics?

What is Orthodontics? In short, it refers to a dentistry branch concerned with the alignment of teeth in a proper position. Its importance rests upon health issues and, secondarily, aesthetic reasons. In essence, proper alignment of teeth produces several unnoticed health-related benefits.

How Do You Speed up the Process of Your Braces With Accelerated Orthodontics?

Having a straight teeth combined with regular oral hygiene reduces the risk of bacteria accumulation. But why is it important to reduce or eliminate bacteria growth? Bacteria grows everywhere, including a person’s mouth.

Bacteria eventually grow in number, forming a protective layer known as a biofilm. Biofilm adheres to the external layer of teeth named enamel. As the enamel erodes, teeth get exposed to bacteria that penetrate other teeth layers producing tooth decay and eventual tooth loss.

Therefore, straightening teeth turns into a powerful ally to counteract bacteria growth. However, orthodontic treatment requires patients to comply with a process that can extend for months and sometimes years.

Fortunately, advances in orthodontics have helped reduce prolonged treatment time. This article addresses the core benefits of high-frequency vibration devices in accelerating orthodontic treatment results.

What Is Accelerated Orthodontics?

As its name implies, Accelerated Orthodontics seeks to enhance the body’s response to react to teeth movement. At times, traditional methods might not respond to orthodontic treatment according to the plan designed by an orthodontist.

Failure in responding to the expected mechanical movement of teeth does not necessarily suggest a problem in the aligners project or compliance failure by a patient.

Each body responds differently to certain stimuli. For example, in some cases, teeth react slower than planned to the strain exerted by orthodontic devices, negatively impacting the treatment span.

New techniques are applied to induce a reaction to enhance the body’s response to the strain produced over teeth. Here we list some of the new methods used to activate these responses:


Alveocentesis is an in-office procedure that accelerates bone growth. The technique triggers tissue regeneration that, combined with orthodontic treatment, helps produce faster results.

Brius Braces

Unlike regular braces that go in front of your teeth, BRIUS lingual braces have two main parts: flexible arms and a stiff bar. The choice of arms is based on a detailed analysis (FEA) to move each tooth gently.

They're individually custom-made to fit perfectly in your mouth, giving you the exact effect each tooth needs. The BRIUS treatment doesn't hurt as much because it uses gentle force on your teeth.

It's also easier to keep your teeth clean with BRIUS braces, unlike traditional braces that can make brushing and flossing tricky.

Periodontally Assisted Osteogenic Orthodontics

Another option to get teeth to move faster and reduce the margin of teeth recession is Periodontally Assisted Osteogenic Orthodontics [PAOO]. Bone grafts are placed near teeth roots stimulating bone further growth.

Consequently, bone growth reinforces the teeth during orthodontic treatment and stimulates continuous growth in a fashioned manner, driving bone to react to braces force exertion faster.

The mentioned techniques and procedures produce incredible results. Still, they have minor drawbacks like potential itching, as in the case of accelerated braces or getting into a minimal surgical procedure. However, another option can enhance treatment acceleration with fewer to no cons.

What is Propel VPro+?

Orthodontic treatment is a lengthy process. Sometimes frustration gets in the way, as results take time, and even when teeth appear aligned, orthodontist recommends wearing devices longer.

Also, after an Orthodontist finally removes braces, patients are advised to wear retainers. All these lead us to think, is there any device that can speed up the orthodontic process? Is there an orthodontic device that doesn’t produce itching or requires even a minor surgery? And the answer is a bold yes.

Propel Vpro+ is a device that produces high-frequency vibrations over teeth. High frequencies help increase treatment efficiency provoking teeth further movement and decreasing discomfort. In addition, propel Vpro+ is easy to use. Patients just have to wear the device for five minutes daily.

What Is the Technology Behind Propel Orthodontics?

Recent studies have demonstrated that using a high-frequency vibration device helps increase tooth movement rate. The device produces vibrations that stimulate a ligament known as the periodontal ligament.

The stimulation helps teeth to move faster than usual without causing extra discomfort or pain. As a result, orthodontic treatment might be accelerated at a 50% rate, reducing orthodontic visits.

Accordingly, clinical evidence demonstrated a substantial reduction in treatment time and the number of aligners needed to complete treatment.

In conjunction, traction and appliance seating improve treatment acceleration and reduce discomfort. Traction refers to grip. For instance, patients using a clear alignment device and Propel Vpro+ experience better appliance grip.

Trays’ performance improves with clear alignment devices as they adhere better to teeth. Also, seating has to do with traction. As traction improves, trays accommodate easier improving delivery results.

Vibrate your teeth into place with Propel Vpro+ and accelerate treatment with a more comfortable experience. Contact Dr. Solomon at Smile Health Orthodontics. Dr. Solomon will be glad to assist you with an In-house consultation visit and offers virtual consultations.