Everyone deserves a smile they love, and at Smile Health Orthodontics, we help fit your dream smile into your budget. With competitive costs and flexible payment plans, there’s nothing holding you back from the smile you’ve always wanted.


Orthodontic treatment costs

Every treatment at Smile Health Orthodontics is tailored to a patient’s unique smile. Because of this, the cost of treatment varies based on the needs of your smile, the type of treatment selected, and the length of treatment required.

Our staff will discuss details of the costs of different types of treatment, and our available payment plans after we assess your smile at your free consultation.

Affordable payment plans

The health of your smile is important to us, so we will work closely with you to find a payment plan that suits your lifestyle. With our flexible payment plans, you may be eligible to spread out the cost of treatment over up to 36 months!

To make payment more convenient for you, our practice accepts most major credit cards and insurance plans.

Insurance verification

As a courtesy to our patients, we verify your insurance prior to your new patient consultation. If your insurance will cover any portion of your orthodontic treatment, we can help you fill out your insurance claims and paperwork.

When you fill out our dental intake form before your appointment, be sure to include a photo of your insurance information. If not, when you visit us for your first consultation, please bring your insurance card with you so we can confirm your benefits. 

Our à la carte treatment menu

We offer a range of custom treatment packages to suit your budget.

VIP Plus Package

This full-service package includes full orthodontic treatment, all at-home visits with our concierge service, remote monitoring via the Dental Monitoring app, and the Propel VPro+ treatment accelerator.

Elite Package

This treatment package includes full orthodontic treatment, convenient home monitoring through the Dental Monitoring app, and the Propel VPro+ treatment accelerator.

Economy Package

Our standard treatment package includes custom, comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

Phase I Treatment Package

Our treatment package includes a complimentary growth monitoring phase for young children.

Other treatment

Ask Dr. Solomon about any other customized treatment options.

DIY or mail-in aligners

Only have the budget for a DIY or mail-in aligners?
Let ABO Orthodontist Dr Solomon align your teeth.

Get your custom quote on treatment

Get your custom quote on treatment

Book a free consultation with the team at Smile Health Orthodontics to learn more about your custom treatment plan and associated costs.

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