In-house clear aligners

What if we told you you could start clear aligner treatment on your very first visit? Thanks to the aligners we print in-house, that’s absolutely possible at Smile Health Orthodontics!

In-house clear aligners

How do in-house clear aligners work?

In order to make your custom clear aligners as swiftly as possible, we’ve invested in a SprintRay 3D printer for our practice. This allows us to 3D print your clear aligners on-site, so you don’t have to wait for us to ship your prescription out to a lab.

When you visit us for your free consultation, we will use our iTero 3D scanner to take digital impressions of your smile. This will help Dr. Solomon to design your custom treatment plan and aligners. She can set up your treatment in as little as 10 minutes – and then we’ll get straight to printing your aligners!

Custom treatments – faster than ever

We can use our in-house clear aligners for a number of treatment options, including:

  • Full treatment with aligners: One of the most popular options is to complete your entire treatment wearing only clear aligners.
  • Combo cases: If you have a particularly complex orthodontic issue, we can start with braces or functional appliances first, and then swap to clear aligners to refine your smile.
  • Hybrid cases: We can even use braces on one dental arch and clear aligners on the other! The options are endless.
Start clear aligner treatment today

Start clear aligner treatment today

Come to our office and ask about our in-house clear aligners to learn what you can do to start your treatment as soon as possible.

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