Invisalign® treatment for adults

Want to straighten your smile, but worried about the look of braces? Well, you can smile all the way through treatment thanks to barely there, Invisalign® treatment for adults.

Invisalign® treatment for adults

What is Invisalign® treatment?

Invisalign® treatment doesn’t require any metal brackets or wires to shape your smile. Instead, it uses a series of custom clear plastic trays called aligners to guide your teeth into alignment. The aligners are extra discreet, making them a popular choice with client-facing professionals and parents.

One of the best things about Invisalign® aligners is that they are removable. This means you don’t have to adjust your diet during treatment, and can brush and floss your teeth as usual. You can even remove them for special events, as long as you wear them for 22 hours a day.

How does Invisalign® treatment work?

During your free consultation with Smile Health Orthodontics, we will use our cutting-edge intraoral scanner to make a 3D model of your smile – without the need for any messy bite molds. Dr. Solomon will use this model to design your custom treatment.

You will be given a series of custom aligners, each shaped a bit differently, that will guide your teeth into optimal positions over time. To move through treatment, you will switch to a new aligner set from home as directed instead of coming in for adjustment appointments.

Invisalign® treatment just got easier

Our team prides ourselves on using the latest technology to make your orthodontic journey more convenient. That’s why we are so excited to offer Dental Monitoring to our Invisalign® patients. This app allows us to check your progress remotely so you can skip the trip to our office.

Best yet? If you have any questions or concerns about treatment, you can check in with our team at any time through the app. The aligners are more comfortable than metal braces.

Benefits of Invisalign® treatment for adults

Benefits of Invisalign® treatment for adults

Our adult patients love Invisalign® clear aligners because they are:

  • Virtually invisible: The clear aligners are so discreet, no one needs to know about your treatment.
  • Removable: Take your aligners out for eating, brushing, and flossing and for important events as needed.
  • Versatile: Invisalign® clear aligners can be used to treat issues from simple to complex.
  • Convenient: You can complete treatment with fewer office visits, and pair your treatment with Dental Monitoring for remote treatment check-ins.

FAQs about Invisalign® treatment for adults

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