BRIUS® Independent Movers™ in Los Angeles

Dr. Solomon takes pride in providing her patients access to the greatest available innovations in orthodontics. That’s why she is excited to be the very first provider of BRIUS® Independent Movers™ in Beverly Hills.

BRIUS® Independent Movers™ in Los Angeles

What are BRIUS® Independent Movers™?

BRIUS® Independent Movers™ is the next generation in orthodontics. They look a bit like lingual braces because they are fixed to the inside of your teeth – hiding them from view. Technically, they’re not even braces, because they don’t require archwires or ligatures to shape your smile.

Instead, the BRIUS® Independent Movers™ use a unique system called “Brava.” This system can move each of your teeth independently of each other but at the same time. This makes your orthodontic treatment more efficient than ever before.

Fewer appointments, fewer adjustments

Unlike traditional braces, Brava doesn’t require frequent adjustment appointments. In fact, you might not need any adjustments at all! When we fit you with your BRIUS® Independent Movers™, we will pre-program in targeted pressure that will move your teeth into alignment.

We will still see you at our office a few times to ensure your treatment is going as planned, but most patients can complete their treatment with Brava in four office visits or less!

Benefits of BRIUS® treatment

Patients of all ages love Brava by BRIUS® because it offers:

  • Faster treatment: BRIUS® Independent Movers™ can straighten your smile in months – not years. The pre-programmed biomechanics can cut your treatment time in half compared to traditional braces.
  • Better hygiene: Since there are no archwires or ligatures to clean around, it’s easier to protect your teeth against cavities.
  • Fewer appointments: You don’t have to visit us for regular adjustments, so we’ll only see you occasionally to ensure your treatment is on track.
  • Virtually invisible: Unless someone puts a mirror in your mouth, no one is going to see the Brava system hidden behind your teeth!
Achieve your new smile in record time

Achieve your new smile in record time

Brava by BRIUS® is one of the fastest ways to straighten your smile. Find out if this revolutionary treatment is right for you or your loved one at your free consultation with Smile Health Orthodontics.

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