CBCT 3D X-ray

Orthodontic technology is always advancing, and at SHO, we stay ahead of the curve to provide our patients with the very best experience. That’s why we use a state-of-the-art CBCT 3D X-ray at our practice.

CBCT 3D X-ray

What is a CBCT 3D X-ray?

CBCT stands for “Cone Beam Computed Tomography,” and the CBCT 3D X-ray (often called a CBCT scanner) is a digital, high-definition X-ray that enables us to take comprehensive 3D images of your facial structure safely.

The CBCT 3D X-ray takes digital images of your entire mouth, not just your bone structure. This allows us to see your teeth, jaws, and connective tissues in the finest detail – and from every angle. This precision allows us to properly diagnose and treat complex dental cases.

Benefits of a CBCT 3D X-ray

We choose to use a CBCT scanner at our practice because it is:

  • Swift: The scan takes only a few minutes and is easy and comfortable. 
  • Safe: CBCT 3D X-rays use up to 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays, making them much safer for our patients.
  • Accurate: The digital photos are incredibly detailed and allow us to examine your mouth from every angle. We can even magnify, color-code, and rotate the images as needed to help us plan the most effective but most importantly the safest treatment possible.
  • Convenient: Not only can we use your scans to create your treatment plan, but we can also send them to your insurance company, doctor, or anyone else you authorize.
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