Dental Monitoring

At Smile Health Orthodontics, we strive to keep your treatment as convenient as possible. That’s why we are proud to offer Dental Monitoring to our patients with clear aligners – so you can complete your treatment from the comfort of your home.

Dental Monitoring

What is Dental Monitoring?

Dental Monitoring is a smartphone app that allows our team to remotely monitor your treatment progress. You will send weekly photos of your smile to our team through the app, and we can give you our recommendations on treatment.

As long as things are going according to plan, we won’t need to see you in the office. In fact, if your teeth are moving faster than anticipated, we may even be able to switch you to a new set of aligners ahead of schedule – speeding up your treatment.

Dental Monitoring in three simple steps

Getting started with Dental Monitoring is easy. After you sign up for clear aligner treatment and receive your custom aligners, you just need to:

  • Download the Dental Monitoring app to your iOS or Android smartphone
  • Follow the instructions to take pictures of your smile – and send them to our team.
  • Wait for our treatment recommendations!

Benefits of Dental Monitoring

Our patients enjoy Dental Monitoring for many reasons, including:

  • Fewer appointments: We’ll only need to see you in the office if your treatment plan needs to be adjusted.
  • Better communication: Although you’ll see us less frequently, you can contact our team any time through the app!
  • More accurate results: Frequent check-ins allow us to quickly adjust your treatment when needed.
  • Faster treatment times: We may ask you to switch to a new set of aligners early if your teeth are moving quickly.
  • Ultimate convenience: As long as you have wifi/service, you can check in with us from home, work, school, or even vacation!
Fit a straight smile into your schedule

Fit a straight smile into your schedule

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