Propel VPro+

What if we told you that taking five minutes out of your day could cut your orthodontic treatment time in half? With the Propel VPro+, that’s now possible!

Propel VPro+

What is the Propel VPro+?

The Propel VPro+ is a small, hands-free device that you can use to speed up your orthodontic treatment. The device even connects to your smartphone, so you can track your treatment progress and send information to our team.

How does Propel VPro+ work?

The Propel VPro+ uses high-frequency vibrations to improve your tooth movement. Simply bite down gently on the mouthpiece while wearing your clear aligners, and the device will gradually ramp up to fill vibration and shut off after five minutes.

This vibration will ensure your aligners are seated correctly on your teeth, and stimulate your gum line and bone to encourage your teeth to move. Just five minutes of daily use can speed up your treatment by up to 50%!

Am I a candidate for accelerated treatment?

Most of our clear aligners patients can use the VPro+ – even if they have a complex orthodontic treatment. Your overall treatment time will depend on your biology and the complexity of your orthodontic issues.

Find out if the Propel VPro+ is right for you

Find out if the Propel VPro+ is right for you

When you visit Smile Health Orthodontics for your free consultation in Beverly Hills or Pico-Robertson, ask us how the Propel VPro+ can shorten your treatment.

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