Feb 20, 2023

Are Clear Aligners Worth It?

Orthodontics is a dentistry specialty that entails applying mechanical force on teeth to produce a displacement to an intended and planned position. This means orthodontists are qualified practitioners who prevent and treat teeth and jaw misalignments using the best orthodontic treatment option.

Are Clear Aligners Worth It?

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages of Clear Aligners?

Orthodontics is a dentistry specialty that entails applying mechanical force on teeth to produce a displacement to an intended and planned position. This means orthodontists are qualified practitioners who prevent and treat teeth and jaw misalignments using the best orthodontic treatment option.

But why is orthodontics that important? In a few words, it helps you have a better life quality. But is that enough explanation? If not, then you might be wondering how that is.

First, orthodontic treatment helps you have a functional bite. Misaligned teeth produce unnecessary friction that might eventually crack or chip other teeth. Moreover, repairing damaged teeth is expensive, so you might want to consider preventing an unwanted problem in the future.

Also, bacteria accumulate in entrenched spaces that are challenging to clean. Bacteria accumulation erodes the teeth protectant layer named enamel, leading to dental problems like plaque and tooth decay (dental caries).

In earlier stages, poor hygiene due to teeth misalignment compromises the gums. As a result, patients suffering from gingivitis might experience inflamed and bleeding gums. But, failure to treat gingivitis on time might end up in periodontitis affecting the alveolar bone that keeps teeth in position, leaving them loose.

There are abundant reasons to enter orthodontic treatment, including affectation on overall health and specific problems caused by malocclusion like craniofacial anomalies in morphology, sleep apnea, poor nutrient absorption, and infections that spread through the bloodstream.

Now that we’ve revised the most potent reasons to enter orthodontic treatment, starting it to get a beautiful smile doesn’t seem like a bad idea, right? Moreover, orthodontics evolved in the last century from having teeth covered in painful metal bands holding the brackets to cemented and lingual brackets in the seventies.

Clearly, orthodontics evolved to sophisticated forms of getting teeth straight that involve significant changes to deliver enhanced comfort (gentle pressure), aesthetics (discreteness), hygiene, and reduced treatment times. Let’s check out what these levels of sophistication mean by comparing the main two orthodontic systems for a straighter smile.

Which Orthodontic System Is Better, Braces or Clear Aligners?

Today orthodontists might suggest treatment plans with two central orthodontic systems Orthodontic Braces and Clear Aligners in Los Angeles:

Orthodontic Braces

Traditional Metal Braces (Stainless Steel)

Pros: Effective for solving complex issues or severe malocclusion. Today metal braces are smaller and more comfortable than their predeceasing versions making them the most comprehensive option for a smile transformation.

Cons: However, having a mouth full of metal is not an aesthetic option for most patients during treatment. Besides, dental hygiene requires a more thorough approach.

Ceramic Braces (Clear)

Pros: An aesthetic option that mimics tooth color, making them less perceptible.

Cons: Ceramic is less sturdy than metal, making this option less viable for teens or kids. Also, ceramic braces might not be the less effective option to solve severe malocclusion. As with any braces option, hygiene is somewhat problematic as well.

Lingual Braces (Placed Behind Teeth)

Pros: The best cosmetic option of all. Braces are imperceptible as the orthodontist places them in the rear part of the teeth, which helps patients during treatment have confident smiles.

Cons: it may be uncomfortable in the first month on the tongue and speech may be affected in the first 2 weeks.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners offer numerous advantages that place these systems on top of the orthodontic market, moving the demand curve upwards. Although traditional braces remain in use, the interest in clear aligners expands as confidence in these systems proves validity in the consumers’ minds.

But how did they achieve that? Clear aligners offer enhanced discretion, hygiene, comfort, and results delivery compared to conventional braces.

Now, we analyze the main differences between In-Office and Mail-In Clear Aligners. We intend to have a more direct approach, so we’ve picked the most in-demand systems of each category, Invisalign vs. Smile Direct Club. So, here we include some key points you might want to note before deciding the type of clear aligners that best suit your needs:

In-Office Clear Aligners

Pros: The orthodontic treatment plan at an actual orthodontic practice includes full monitoring of your treatment and supervision by a qualified orthodontist who has completed 4 years of dental school, followed by another 3 years of full-time orthodontic residency at an accredited orthodontic program.

These professionals count on years of experience treating malocclusion, moving teeth safely, and guaranteeing the aligner treatment results with complete doctor-directed care. In-office treatment processes use state-of-the-art image scanning technologies and materials engineering that enhance traction and have an impact on its efficiency.

The orthodontic treatment offering includes continuous education in processes. It also minimizes patients’ discomfort and provides follow-up in other developing problems like gingival and cavities controls during treatment.

Cons: The cost of treatment tends to be higher. The treatments require patients to visit the orthodontist’s office for a first evaluation and, every once in a while, as directed by the specialist for controls.

Mail-in / At-Home Delivery

Pros:  They are less costly than professionally supervised options. There are fewer controls, which means fewer visits to the orthodontist’s office.

Cons: Patients are the ones creating their own teeth molds with a dental impression kit and mailing them back to the supplier, which might result in false dental impressions and, the inevitable consequence, a faulty set of aligners. There is no professional follow-up of the treatment’s progress. These treatments offer limited guarantees of their outcomes. The list of dissatisfied patients keeps growing daily.

What Is Invisalign Express?

This is one of the types of treatments offered at Smile Health Orthodontics to opt for the best Invisible Teeth Aligners. Invisalign Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Invisalign Express for qualified patients.

Invisalign is the best clear alignment system available worldwide. Now, Invisalign brings more for patients. Invisalign Express is a quick and easy option for mild cosmetic problems.

Treatment includes only seven sets of trays. This is a perfect suit for elevated treatment costs without sacrificing the treatment guarantee and professional supervision.

Invisalign Express is not intended for more complex malocclusion cases that might require a more comprehensive approach and treatment also offered at Smile Health Orthodontics.

Los Angeles Orthodontics Treatment at The Smile Health Orthodontics Guarantee

When we think of orthodontic supervision, we acknowledge and consent with the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) about in-person interaction with an orthodontic professional.

Dr. Deborah Solomon, the best orthodontist Los Angeles has available, is an Invisalign provider that offers a comprehensive diagnostic that includes evaluating if your teeth and gums are healthy and strong enough to endure orthodontic treatment safely.

We offer a custom treatment plan for our patients. This means there are no self-impression kits or self-guided treatments. However, if you feel discomfort with your trays or your treatment is not making the expected progress, patients can come to Smile Health Orthodontics for a fix and a check-up.

Schedule an appointment or a virtual consultation. Dr. Solomon and her dental team will make your first orthodontic visit a first step for a journey to a beautiful smile for life in Los Angeles.