Sep 7, 2022

Top Reasons You Should Get Straight Teeth

Alright. Let’s talk about the importance of straight teeth. Many individuals come to our office after many years of careful consideration because they would think orthodontic treatment and straight teeth were never necessary for their lives. Sure, it was always in the back of their minds, but it was never crucial.

Top Reasons You Should Get Straight Teeth

However, as an experienced specialist herself, Dr. Solomon knows this is not true. Having a well-aligned smile is not a simple slogan that we orthodontists use to promote our services. There are measurable and other perceived advantages to investing your time and resources into following a dental alignment treatment.

Keep this in mind: the benefits far outweigh any potential discomfort, and even patients of varying ages will gain much from this specialized treatment. Shall we carry on then? Pay careful attention to some of the top reasons why you would like to get straight teeth and check the benefits of straight teeth in the lives of many patients.

Straight Teeth Are Easier to Clean

Orthodontists are, first and foremost, dental health advocates. The most important element of your oral health has got to be your oral hygiene as it helps limit the number of harmful bacteria in your mouth, eroding your teeth, and keeps your periodontal tissues healthy.

Crooked teeth can only complicate your oral hygiene routine, making it easier to effectively brush your teeth, concealing food particles, promoting the growth of harmful bacteria, and making dental flossing even more challenging.

From the seemingly harmless side effects such as bad breath (or halitosis if you’re feeling like using fancy terms) to dangerous complications, such as periodontitis, your oral hygiene remains essential to prevent most dental health complications. Straight teeth help achieve a harmonious alignment of your dental structures and help keep everything as clean as necessary.

Avoid Additional Jaw Complications

As we age, and as we face additional situations in our lives, our teeth may shift positions and our jaws become malaligned. Neglecting to care for these situations properly will increase your chances of developing additional complications.

Have you heard of TMJ/TMD? This syndrome is still largely unknown to the orthodontist community, but it does appear to show more frequently in people who suffer from preexisting orthodontic problems, such as an overbite or underbite.

In case you don’t know, TMJ and TMD are not interchangeable terms. TMJ stands for the Temporomandibular Joint, which is a part of all our bodies. TMD, however, refers to Temporomandibular Joint Disease, a term encompassing many complications related to the joint enabling the movement of anyone’s lower jaw.

Engaging in orthodontic treatment to achieve a perfect smile with straight teeth can help avoid the risks of TMD. Considering that this disease results in constant pain, and headaches, and may potentially depend on an invasive surgery for its solution, wouldn’t you say an early orthodontic treatment is worth it?

We certainly would.

Straight Teeth Can Help You Live Longer

You heard that right!

Our bodies are intricate machines, and when one part suffers, it all suffers. The opposite is true, however, and ensuring we have healthy and straight teeth can have positive effects on the rest of our overall health.

2016 study linked poor oral health to heart disease, so it should be in our best interests to keep our mouths as clean as possible through a thorough oral hygiene routine that can only be made easier by getting straight teeth with a carefully planned treatment and personalized help from a specialist team.

It’s not just our hearts. Patients who suffer from severe periodontal health conditions are considerably more likely to develop deadly problems, such as lung cancer.

The Treatment Is Not as Annoying as You Fear

There was a time many potential patients backed down from treatment after a quick glance at the cumbersome appliances. Fortunately, dental braces are now far better in function and design options.

You’ll get to choose from the type of materials used for your braces (stainless steel, ceramic composites developed as a result of space exploration), the design variations (standard, lingual, self-ligating), and even other appliances.

Braces are not the only appliance at our disposal. Recent years have seen considerable advancements in materials science, such as with the case of the innovative "Invisalign" or Spark clean aligners.

These aligning trays are removable and nearly invisible to the naked eye, making it the preferred method of many teens and adults who’d wish to avoid any public scrutiny.

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